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Eduard Lobau

I am Eduard Lobau, I am leader of a student organization called Malady Front and have been sentenced to 4 years for allegedly "beating random pedestrians".

Eduard Lobau was arrested on 18 December 2010 and was sentenced to four years imprisonment on 24 March 2011. He is due to be released on 18 December 2014, having served his full sentence. He will have just turned 26.

Eduard Lobau’s mother devotes her entire time to easing his time in prison and raising awareness of the situation in Belarus. She recently spoke with Amnesty International to let us know how her son is doing. She told us that on the whole he is well and keeping in good spirits. She is able to visit him twice a year for three days at time and has three shorter meetings a year – two hour conversations by phone through a glass barrier. She last visited him on 24 February. She is also able to speak with him by phone twice a month for five minutes.

Eduard does receive most of the mail sent to him and most of his letters reach their destination, although it is clear that some are intercepted by the prison authorities. Eduard’s mother told us how important it is for him to receive cards and letters from the outside world, to know that he’s not forgotten, that people know about his situation, and remember him and fight for his freedom. She said how it’s also important for the prison administration to see that world is watching.


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